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Company owners - Sam & Heather


Our story starts before we were a "we".  Sam had about 15 years in the pest control industry when he decided to leave the Corporate World.  Heather had a life mixed with the family business in the Cash Register/POS industry and the childcare/preschool industries.  A couple years after their marriage Sam joined Heather in the family business.  It didn't take long for both to realize a new path was on the horizon.  While testing botanical products on their ranch to see what would work while not harming the chickens, roosters, ducks, dogs, goats, oh and the kids, they discovered a very successful combination of products and applications to rid the ranch of unwanted invaders.  A few neighbors asked for some help on their properties as well.  Eventually, unknown folks were asking for help via word of mouth, and insisting on paying - a new company was accidentally born while in the process of closing Heather's family business.  

The name "ECOSKAN" comes from the desire to keep the business eco-friendly, and Heather's family corporation of SKAN Enterprises.  The draw towards keeping the environment cleaner, and the love of technology was merged -  and a new company was born!  Both Sam and Heather work to keep synthetic chemical usage to a minimum while working with clients to engage in an appropriate IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program to reduce pest pressure.  

Ecoskan has developed a very successful pigeon abatement program.  The focus is on reducing the pigeon pressures placed on homeowners with solar panels, while using FIFRA 25b exempt products.  This program has been successfully implemented with several national accounts on thousands of roofs covering all of Southern as well as Central California.  The program allows Heather and Sam to combine their love of road trips with their love of non-chemical pest solutions to resolve their clients' ongoing bird issues.  Ecoskan uses only industry-approved materials that will not void the warranty of the panels.  


The next phase for Ecoskan has been to specialize in larger birds - specifically Corvids (Ravens and Crows).  While developing a successful program, the implementation of new technologies has been the main focus to keep the eco-friendly aspect of the company intact.   Ecoskan has worked with some of the largest commercial sites in the Inland Area of California to provide relief from ravens and crows along the parapet of those buildings while being mindful of the protected aspects of these birds.  One of the newer technologies we use is Flock Off (see the corresponding page).

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