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Our "Most Asked" Questions

  • How much do you charge?
    Our Standard First Time Service - $125. Included in the service is a complete exterior inspection before work begins, exterior treatment for Standard Pests (ants, pincherbugs, rolly-pollies, American Roaches, spiders, etc), and a knockdown of webs around the house. Standard Monthly Services - $55 Same service as SFTS when serviced one month after prior serve. Standard Every Other Month Services - $75 Same as SFTS when serviced 60 days from prior service. Standard Quarterly Services - $95 Same as SFTS when serviced 90 days from prior service. Rodent and Roach Inspections - $75 Ecoskan does not quote for these jobs over the phone as each job is different and we tailor each solution to the specifics of the infestation. If Ecoskan is used for the scope of service, the Inspection Fee is deducted from the invoice. Flea and Tick Inspections - $75 Ecoskan requires an inspection for most Flea and Tick jobs, this Inspection Fee is also applied to the invoice if Ecoskan performs the scope of service. For all othe inquiries please call our office number or ask a question on the "Contact Us" page.
  • Do you have Contracts?
    NO! Ecoskan does not have contracts, agreements, or minimums! We allow the client to set the pace and frequency for the services on their property. We believe that the most important step in IPM, is to only provide a service when the client feels the need. We believe that this approach makes for a better overall client satisfaction. Ecoskan is happy to set any client up for a recurring schedule as desired! Some clients desire or rquire monthly services year round while others just need us out a couple times a year. Yet others find a very tailored schedule is best - say, monthly during the summer, but quarterly over the winter, and EOM during the spring and fall. We happily let you set the schedule for your property and lifestyle.
  • How Much For Pigeon Abatement?
    This one is not as easy! Pricing is comprised of 3 main factors: linear footage, clean up, and accesibility. Ecoskan charges $8/ per Linear Foot for standard installation. 2 hours of clean up is included in the quote. Ecoskan can often provide a soft quote over the phone if the panels are visible using Google Maps or Earth. For new developments, Ecoskan does offer special pricing for neighbors that are willing to do several homes on the same day or several days.
  • How Much To Treat For Termites?
    Because Ecoskan Is an Eco-Friendly company, this answer is custom to each home. Local treatments start at $300 for small areas. Fumigations are based on Cubic Footage and require a measurment for an accurate quote. The minimum is $1100.
  • Can Ecoskan Just Tell Me How To Solve The Problem?
    Sometimes yes! If the solution does not require a product that requires a state license to use, then we can often give a scope of service for the home or business owner to follow. Call us for a quote for Consulting!
  • Why Are Ants Coming Inside My Home?
    The simple answer is the same reasons you want inside your home! Most likely they need a water source. Food is also a driving factor, as is weather.
  • Why Does Ecoskan Require An Inspection For Some Service?
    To help you save money! Becuase Ecoskan takes great pride in using few synthetic chemicals, we taylor each job to the specifics of the infestation. No cookie-cutter solutions means no cookie-cutter prices. The best example is that you wouldn't expect an orthodontist to give an exact quote over the phone for braces because of all the variables in each mouth (do you need extractions, surgeries, spacers, night gear? Have you had other dentists try prior solutions?) Pest control with Ecoskan has many variable that can alter our pricing too (did you use an "over the counter" product already, level of infestation, area/s affected, removal or replacement of materials?). Ecoskan will complete a thourough inspectin and deliver a custom approach to solve the issue with a custom price. Ecoskan works with each client to come up with the best option with budget concious clients in mind.
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