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Ecoskan performs bird work for well-known companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Tesla (SolarCity) and SunPower. We also provide services for small to mid-size commercial companies as well as residential clients. As certified installers by nationally known product specialists, Ecoskan employees go through training that includes: ​

• Bird identification, biology, and behavior 

• Permanent, non-lethal products to solve bird challenges

• Behavioral, cultural and mechanical modification techniques 

• Products effectiveness against different species of pest birds 

• Analyzing a site to select the correct products for each problem area

• Current technology and materials in the industry 

With over 30 years of industry experience, Sam & Heather have overseen pest bird exclusion projects for waste management facilities, transit authorities, casinos, city municipalities, hospitals, and many other types of facilities. Solve your bird problems today. Contact Ecoskan to review your specific circumstances. 

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