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  • ​The inspection is the first step in providing a comprehensive solution for termites or other wood destroying organisms. During the inspection process, ECOSKAN will determine the levels and areas of infestation.

  • Each ECOSKAN Inspector is state-licensed and extensively trained in the identification and treatment of wood-destroying pests such as termites.


  • Based upon the findings during the inspection, the ECOSKAN Inspector will provide recommendations to address the wood destroying organisms impacting your property.

  • Since each situation is unique, ECOSKAN does not offer cookie-cutter solutions. The Inspector will consult with you and advise upon the best plan of action.


Fumigation Tent being taken down


  • Cultural Management – modification of environment or habitat, moisture & irrigation changes and proper soil grading.

  • Mechanical Management – replacement of infested or damaged wood and elimination of wooden structural supports in contact with soil.

  • Product Based Management – ECOSKAN will use the most appropriate products for each given situation and environment.









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