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Inspection: Finding the Issues

  • ​The key to implementing an effective pest management program is providing a thorough and comprehensive inspection. During the inspection process, ECOSKAN will examine the unique aspects of the property and provide detailed feedback on areas that require attention.

  • ECOSKAN Inspectors are licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board and are trained to understand the unique pest pressures that impact commercial and residential settings.


Consultation: Addressing the Issues

  • ​Based upon the findings and the environmental pressures, the ECOSKAN Inspector will provide recommendations to resolve the pest issues.

  • Since each situation is unique, ECOSKAN does not offer cookie-cutter solutions. The Inspector will consult with you and advise upon the best plan of action.

  • ECOSKAN promotes the use of eco-friendly products that are organic and biodegradable. We will work with you directly to understand the environmental benefits of these products for you, your family and our planet.


Optimization: Solving the Problems

  • ​Cultural Management – modification of environment or habitat, moisture management and proper sanitation.

  • Mechanical Management – implementation of traps & barriers, weed abatement, physical removal and exclusion.

  • Product Based Management – ECOSKAN will use the most appropriate products for each given situation and environment.


Resources / Links

We would like for every client to experience our mission of providing Greener Solutions for a Cleaner Environment and to have access to educational resources and information available to gather knowledge about the various pest control issues that exist. Please refer to the RESOURCES / LINKS tab below for links to informational sites.

Pest Idenifcation

EPA Resources

EPA Safety Guide (PDF)










Wet grass

Ecoskan chooses to use Greener Solutions because of our commitment to:

  • The preservation of our environment

  • The reduction in the use of synthetic pesticides

  • The safety of you, your family and animals

Eco-Friendly Pest Control is gentler on the environment and provides a Greener Solution for your home or business.

Green Pest Solutions are biodegradable products that break down in the environment more quickly and are labeled for use around people, pets, fish and livestock.

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