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How Ecoskan is reacting to The Coronavirus - Covid 19

To our valued clients and potential clients:

Thank you for entrusting Ecoskan Pest Solutions with the health and wellbeing of your property. As we work together as a community and nation to better understand and mitigate the spread of the novel Coronavirus, we are all being asked to adhere to new guidelines and to do our best to practice social distancing.  Fortunately, much of our work is completed outdoors, where close contact with others isn’t a necessity.

"Extermination" or Pest Control is officially labeled as Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers.  The Dept. of Homeland Security recognizes that pest control is essential to healthy living and should not be ignored or dismissed, even during times of concern or chaos.  The State of California defers to the CISA guidelines of DHS in the event of Stay at Home Orders.  

Based on those recommendations, we are instituting the following policies, effective immediately:

1. Any necessary interior home inspections or services needed will be conducted with NOISH approved respiratory protection, as well as hand protection (disposable gloves). New masks/filters and gloves will be used for every residence when residential indoor access is required.

2. Correspondence may be completed by telephone, text, email, or in person. Most business can be conducted without person-to-person contact.  In most instances we will no longer knock or ring upon arrival, a text or call will be made when we arrive and when we are ready to leave. 

If in-person contact is required for outdoor services, a physical distance of 6 feet between persons shall be necessary at all times.  We do not do this out of fear or panic, we are following CDC guidelines to minimize your exposure, as well as ours.

3. If you have service scheduled and you, a family member, or anyone you’ve been exposed to is quarantined, becomes ill with flu-like symptoms such as cough, fever, body aches, or difficulty breathing, please alert us immediately at 909.380.7770, 24 hours a day. We would much rather (and are happy to) reschedule, or use an alternate means of contact, rather than risk spread/exposure of Covid19 to residents who may vulnerable to more severe symptoms/illness, due to pre-existing health conditions.

4. In the event we become ill or find we may have been exposed to Covid19, we will enact self-quarantine procedures. Pending inspections, appointments and/or trapping programs will be suspended or canceled and will be rescheduled for a later date.

We have instituted these policies out of an abundance of caution for all of our clients and the local public, to safeguard your health and ours. These policies may change at any time, based on CDC recommendations.

It is our hope that in doing our part to prevent the spread of Covid19 by instituting best practices, that our region will experience as little disruption as possible, our local residents will remain healthy, and that very soon, Covid19 will be in the past.

For more up to date info from the CDC

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