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Becoming Official "Flock Off-ers"

Here at Ecoskan we love nothing more than finding and adapting to new technology. When that technology includes pest control, we get super excited! We have been watching a new company (to the US) and looked for an opportunity to put it into action. It was the perfect solution for a new client with almost a decade long fight with Ravens and Crows.

Flock Off was the long-needed solution for this facility. The huge site is the middle of a perfect setting for Corvids - within their natural flight distance of a landfill, a large lake, and hundreds of acres of largely untouched land. The facility is 24/7 for distributing, manufacturing, and also houses the CEO headquarters. The birds were causing quite the challenge, especially around the beautiful large glass front CEO entrance - that also has a beautiful water feature. The building owner excitedly approved our pilot test site and off for training we went.

Flock Off is located in nearby Arizona, so a road trip was welcome. We packed our bags and hit the road! Flock Off is actually quite simple to learn to install, and for a well seasoned bird exclusion expert to add to their arsenal. We spent the day training, learning, and visiting successfully installed sites. And after a nice dinner and a night in the hotel we were ready to head back and get to work.

The installation went very smoothly - even for a first install! We had a very high parapet in some areas requiring a LOT of ladder work (lets just say my glutes got quite the workout over those 2 days!). Because we had to glue down the capacitors for this install (other options are to screw into the substate or use magnets), day one was gluing, and the second day was the actual installation of the wire to produce the electromagnetic "force field" that promised to keep the birds - and their poop - from this area of the building. Let me tell you, it's pretty nerve wracking to deploy and brand new technology with a brand new client! The belly butterflies got a bit more exercise those days as well. But once the system was completed, the power outlet installed, and the power box connected - it worked! IT! WORKED!!!

We've since installed 2 additional systems to other areas (with intent to add even more as needed). The building owner thinks we're heroes for giving his client the reduced costs of near constant window washing, and we've added a new committed client for all his future buildings.

We've also installed Flock Off on a high profile city building with a decade-plus pigeon problem. That is a whole blog all on it's own - boy did that project give us a run for the money... lots of intricate areas that prior installations of exclusion had fail - but taught the birds they can overcome EVERY barrier thrown at them. And some of those installs looked exactly like that - it was thrown up under the patio cover and whatever stuck became a new nesting material. but, I digress... Next blog, I promise.

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