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How We're Different

Recently, someone posed a group question, "What sets me apart from my competition?". While they were asking for help deriving a personal answer to give a direction to their own company, it's a good question to ask ourselves often. Both on a personal level and professionally.

For some, the answer is easy! While for others, that takes some real digging. And for many, that answer changes and evolves as we do and our company does. Hopefully, our company will continue to evolve with time! Hopefully, as we evolve the things that set us apart do as well.

As I was working alongside my (best) partner, I snapped this photo of him. There were a couple of others too, and at that moment I thought they were

cute and funny. But as I sat and watched Sam work the particularly gnarly corner I realized THIS is what sets us apart. Our dedication to detail. Our determination to get the last corner done. Our evolving skills to know HOW to get that last corner secure.

We work consistently to grow constantly. Most of our jobs are gross and dirty. Some are pretty risky. Most are at heights that other companies aren't interested in. Sometimes we get to use lifts to access areas that I'm not daring enough to do directly from the rooftop. Every day we do our best work, give our best energy, and leave our "office" as clean as possible. Some days, we even work head down, belly down, and upside down, on a dirty, steep, clay roof.

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